Libassa Ecolodge, A sweet taste of Nature in LIBERIA (West Africa)

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We are a family owned business, founded by Lisa and Rudolph. Everything started from a crazy dream, which was to enjoy the peace and calm of the natural environment, wildlife, and exotic plants.

This is how we came to build our dream place and we wish to share it with all those who share our passion, or simply want to know more about enjoying wild nature in an eco-friendly way.

Libassa Ecolodge is just a place of dreaming people, who wish to meet with nature, where time is not a precious commodity, and simple people still find a way to look inside as much as outside of themselves.

Come & Enjoy our various activities free of charge @ the beach, @ the lagoon, @ our pools (Kids pool; Infinity pool; Waterfall pool; Lazy River!) (except otherwise indicated…)

Ping Pong
Beach Volley
Jogging (Forest and Beach)
Mini Golf 6 holes
Swimming Pool
Beach Body Board
Canoeing in the Lagoon
Walk in the forest
Pool Table / African Chess / Checkers / Scrable /Various Board Games / Various Card Cames
Our Lazy River with Floaters

To Visit the Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary (5$)

African / Latin Dance retreats
Cultural dance show with fire (special occasions)
Yoga Retreat
Sand Sculpture Contest
Wedding Retreat

Our Eco-Resort upholds the following values:

• To provide educational, adventurous experiences in natural environments and indigenous communities

• To have as little impact as possible on the environment both in the building and operating of the lodge, and through the activities offered to our guests.

• To sustain the cultural integrity of the local people by hiring members of the community, and respecting their habitat and traditions

• To generate revenue for the conservation of nature and betterment of local communities through ecotourism initiatives

• To leave every guest with a delightful memory of the warm hospitality, seamless service and charming atmosphere of the lodge

* Power: Electricity in the lodges is limited to 200 watts per room. In order to efficiently utilize energy, only essential electrical appliances are used, and are certified to use very low amounts of energy. All bulbs used are energy saving bulbs with over half of them being 3W LED Bulbs. Appliances such as the refrigerators in the kitchen are Energy Star (US rating) or A/A+ (EU rating) certified.

* Solar power: All our external lighting is solar powered.

* The next phase of investment at our Lodge will be going for 100% renewable energy, through Solar Power and Wind Power.

* Solar heating: To heat water, an extensive solar heating system is in place that provides all necessary hot water for the kitchen, guests, and washing machines (the washing machines do not heat water electrically).

* Limited water consumption: The resort is supplied water from 2 local wells. Kitchen water use is strictly controlled, while aerators limit water flow from faucets and showers.

* composting: To minimize waste and utilize resources, the lodge has composting facilities where all food excess and waste is transformed into fertilizer.

* recycling waste: Although only minimal amounts of paper and plastic are used on site, most waste is recycled and recycling bins are placed in convenient locations around the lodge for guests to take part in this important initiative

* Planting: We have planted and continue to plant more trees than what we used to build our lodges. We didn't cut one single tree to build Libassa Ecolodge. Everything has been built among trees and around trees.

* School & Community: Libassa Ecolodge founded the Butterfly Early Learning Center to give access to 100 children to Education. You can ask to visit this school (5mn from Libassa).

* Animal Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is the first of its kind in Liberia, and is a partnership between the Forestry Development Authority, the Society for Conservation of Nature of Liberia, and the Libassa Ecolodge, with the following missions:

· Keep, provide care and give support to confiscated wildlife (wild animals kept as pets or destined to bush meat);
· Release confiscated wild animals back into the wild whenever possible;
· Introduce behavioral study (observation), educational programs, public viewing, understanding;
· Establish a botanical garden with a variety of indigenous plant species;
· Create an aviary for rescue of a variety of bird species;
· Protect sea turtles nesting grounds, guide the hatchlings back to the wild (Atlantic Ocean);
· Encourage volunteer participation in nature work (protection, caretaking, release, etc…);
· Train students and communities on wildlife protection;
· Raise awareness on illegal trafficking of wildlife in Liberia;

We live in an era where biodiversity is threatened, where natural habitats are disappearing at an alarming pace. Our sanctuary is as small but yet an important step in raising awareness on these issues and giving a hand to nature in Liberia.

Regular Room : 1 Double bed + Private bathroom + Balcony : 125$ ( Incl. Breakfast)

Suites: Palm Tree Lodge, Floating Lagoon Lodge and Family Lodge : 250$ (Incl. Breakfast)

Superior Suites: Mangrove Lodge 350$ (Incl. Breakfast)
Extra Deluxe Suites: Love Bird Nest 450$ (Incl. Breakfast)

Additional single bed is 25$/person.
Check in time: 2pm, Check out 12 the next day.

Nous parlons Français et Anglais

Site Web :
Téléphone : 00231 777 555 564 / 00231 888 555 563

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